October 20, 2006

Creative Cocktail Hour

A rare appearance at the Creative Cocktail Hour - I was not planning on going but I got back from my day trip early, and Zippy was planning to go (an even rarer event) to see Bipolar Jukebox so I tagged along. Zippy met Andre the keyboardist at Tai Chi class, and we've seen them at Sully's. Interesting night. Zippy picked up their newish CD, and talked to Andre about the band elements (we recalled sax, missing this evening) - apparently the live band is pretty fluid what with work and life, they were pretty tight and full this evening.

The usual cadre of celebs and characters, I guess - the crowd seemed light at first but the parking lot was packed as we left (apparently some trouble with a Black Audi, condolences if your car got bashed or stolen or caught fire or something). I chatted with some folks, we enjoyed the first set of the band. One of my yoga friends and I compared notes about classes and workshops - she had befriended Andre at a community theater, but had never seen the group, and reported that Andre and Kate are friends and have collaborated, which I had not realized. The world is so freaking small.

Zippy observed that the creative cocktail hour was attended by people on the physical extremes, with a lot of tallish men and women (not counting the tranny's) and a lot of shortish ones. Not sure if thats true or just a fluke of observation. Maybe the tall and short people feel safer at RAW / CCH. Maybe there are just a lot of tall and short people out there, but being social outcasts we never notice 'em.

I partook of the creative cocktail (some vodka / cream / chocolate / kahlua concoction) and was accused of drunkdedness for the rest of the evening. Not entirely without merit, I drink so infrequently that I am a cheap date these days, and I was unusually not driving (thanks MP!) so I felt a little more free to imbibe. We took off somewhat early, 8 or so. Nice night.

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