October 25, 2006

Los Angeles

Sitting in a not so fabulous Rodeway Inn in Long Beach, near the convention center. It's main charms - its across the street from a Subway and a FedEx/Kinkos, its next to a fairly reasonable mexican restaurant, it has free internet, it's lot is fairly empty, and its inexpensive. The conference hotels were running, $160-$200; I am paying half that a block away. Since this is a marketing trip, and being on the west coast, a fairly long one (3 nights) I'm being cheap.

The rental car company (Advantage, also a less expensive brand than I usually get) has gifted me with a canary yellow Chevy Cobalt with manual doors and windows. Sheesh.

I got up at 4 am (not so bad, thats 7 am east coast), called the Zipster, and threw down some postures - not a full practice, just to get me going. Now I need to finish up my presentation, get cleaned up and dressed, maybe sneak over to Kinko's to get things printed up.

Tonight, I am gonna try to connect with the mysterious J (my ex) for dinner........

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