October 06, 2006

Long Day Thursday

Thursday was one of those long days, where it seems like the morning was three days ago. But no, it all happened in a single day.

In the morning, I cranked out reports, making a respectable dent (throughout the day) in the backlog that piled up on Tuesday and Wednesday. Should be able to get the remainder out today. Later in the day, a sales rep from a test equipment company came calling (invited) - two of my newer clients are looking for recommendations vis a vis power analyzers, and one older one will be looking for options in the near future. Very thorough overview and I am thinking a lot of my residual resistance to this company / product, built up over years of using competitor products and having marginal experiences with units (in the field, rental, etc), is being eroded. Good on them (the new product seems well designed) and good on him (for having the patience and technical chops to sit down with me, I'm a pretty educated customer, have been working with these types of meters for 20+ years, and was jumping into the guts pretty quickly - not the usual sales call)

Broke for lunch (post office, food, meditation. Note to self: 40 minutes of meditation after a meal = nap time. Then back to the office for more report cranking out. Home for dinner - Zippy went to Cosmos International and loaded up on those Indian prepared meal packages (along with a few pounds of loose tea that she uses for iced tea) - she made a melange of turkey, cauliflower, and some very hot cashew things. Yummmers.

Then off to phone bank for the Nedster. A kind of dreary evening - I was calling in the th district (Hartford north central) and a lot of machines, no service, wrong number, or simply "(S)he's not here". Probably a pretty transient area, apartments and the like. One funny - I called a number for a "Wendy" and a perky, salesman sounding young man picked up and informed me I had the wrong number, that this was "Lieberman for Senate Headquarters" Felt like I had won the lottery (calling for Ned Lamont and all). I did not engage the enemy sir.

I did speak to two women who kind of summed up the situation on the streets of Hartford. One woman spent some time talking about schools - she's off work temporarily (heel spurs, I think), she hustled to get her daughter into a language charter school - but the board of ed, happy to bus the suburban kids in to the school from Avon or West Hartford, would not provide transport from the North End.... this woman had a lot to say - about disability, welfare, schools, transportation. She sounds like a woman trying her damnedest to provide for her kids, works hard, see's the future - but the playing field is so damned unlevel.

A second woman was disabled - we talked a bit about politics, about transportation. I noted she could use an absentee ballot and/or a ride to the polls. Methinks election day might be the only time she gets out of the house all fall.

8:00 pm - I had plowed through my list of calls and broke off - and headed home for a quick visit before heading out to Kirtan practice. Which went very well. I am excited about it all - need to find a couple of more songs online to download, and burn into my MP3 player and onto disk, need to have a couple of more marathon practices to burn the chants and the chords into my subconscious. But I think its going to work. I've played guitar for too long, the changes, the rhythms, the chords have become part of my muscle memory - so I think I'll be able to dance with the Kirtan ecstacy even from the front of the room.

Like riding a bike, I guess. I have not played in front of people for a long time. S and M were teasing me about "being a rock star" and I demurred - not going to solo or lead. I quipped "I was a rock star in my first life" (obvious meaning) but S retorted "on this planet, anyways". Funny. Yogi humor.

Friday. Yoga this morning, undecided if it will be hot or gentle. Thinking hot, I am feeling a bit healed and less fragile, but it will be a challenge (Friday being Vinyasa day / Ecstacy day. But humility is a good thing.

Saturday, we may (or may not) be heading down to Princeton NJ for an extended family thing. Sunday maybe yoga, maybe ballooning, maybe visits from Buck and my mom, and then heading up to NoHo for a support space for Zipster.....

Now, why might Zipster be finding support in Northampton?

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