October 03, 2006

Locked out of the House (MD)

Not really, sitting in the dining room. However, the show House is sadly not on tonight, replaced my a baseball playoff game. I would have no idea who is even playing had I not caught Sports a Troi cest soir, avec Bruce and Colin and Kevin Nathan (I believe). I am *so* not into baseball of late. Or football. Or anything that is not UConn basketball or WNBA. And I am cranky cause House is about the only prime time television show I have connected with.

I spent most of today on the road, with MYA heading up to Boston. The lunch (sushi buffet). Then more driving. Then to the office. Then here. Then to another doctors appointment. The bank and a quick shopping trip while she was at the docs. Then home.

I meditated for a while - apparently the 40 minute session 6x a week was not simply a "first week boot camp" thing and we are supposed to do it during week #2 as well. Good enough. The 3 season porch has slowly become my retreat - with a yoga mat out there, a CD player, guitars, blankets for meditation. As meditation was wrapping tonight I thought a light dimmer would be good. And I am contemplating a space heater to make it more useable all winter......

While I was away, my IN BOX filled with reports for one of my clients. Good in that they have bene slowing down - from 30-40 billable hours per month to 12-15 or so. Bad in that I have a kind of busy week, with tomorrow filled with zapping and taking Zippy to/from the doctors, and Thursday a vendor is coming by, and the evening is more Lamont phone banking and then Kirtan practice.

Oh yeah, I bought the guitar, on Monday. In reality, its a pretty inexpensive guitar (when considering Martin's, Taylor's, Ovations, Takamine's and the like), and its only my second acoustic guitar in 25 years. But it still feels pretty indulgent. And it will be fun to actually plug in with a serious pickup for the first time in recorded history..... (well, since I stopped playing electric and bass, circa the early 80's and early 90's, respectively)

Now that I am two guitar kind of girl, I ought to take my old Ibanez in for new tuners and maybe some adjustment.....at 25 years old its got to need some attention and it might have aged into something special, all things considered.

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