October 17, 2006

Bullet Dodged

Heading to Southington this afternoon for a dentist appointment (my third this month, a cleaning / checkup, a cavity, and a refill of some fillings). So I'm sitting here with an aching jaw, the new dentist (former VA dentist) has a bit of a heavy hand on the drill, although he is nice enough.

But en route, the old Saturn with 237,000 miles on it started coughing and gasping. It ran OK at low speeds, it ran OK at higher RPM (4th on the highway) but around 2000 RPM it was coughing, stuttering, feeling pretty bad. The Check Engine light was lit, then flashing.

Turned out to need a tune-up. $300 and change, for sparks, wires, all that stuff - but its back on the road and runs well. I was just thankful it was not something worse. With that many miles, I am waiting for the blown head gasket or worse that would end the car's life.....but, not yet.

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