October 04, 2006

Bruce Stevens - WTIC 1080 AM

DAMN. Apparently the powers that be at the off world colony appear to have sacked Bruce Stevens, 1/2 of my favorite afternoon AM radio show. (the other half was, of course, Mr. Colin McEnroe)

No official word, but the "Afternoons with Bruce and Colin" show has been changed to Afternoon Drive, and Colin has a fairly cryptic (clearly he's under a gag order) but nevertheless pretty clear to the cogniscenti post about it on his blog. I've heard Colin going solo this week, assumed Bruce was on vacation. Guess not.

Hey, I love Colin McEnroe. Not, like physically. And I've listened to him for years - and I remember his morning AM show on WTIC (10:00 am to 12:00 noon) before Dr. Laura came along and stomped it out. No such thing as too much COlin, in my book. He's pretty good alone, but he needs a straight man - someone to bounce things off of, laugh at his inanity, pick up the threads he leaves hanging. Bruce has a deep keel and keeps the ship moving along. Like the old Marx Brothers movies - the brothers were best when they were playing off something substantial - the opera, politics, higher learning. But without that foil, they are just three (well, not counting Gummo and Zeppo) ragamuffins looking for trouble.

I'm kvetching I know. Radio is by its nature a fickle medium and personalities come and go pretty regularly. Bruce is a professional, gives excellent radio, and will find a new home. And Colin will survive (although I think he'll struggle to keep the show flowing for 3 hours a day on his own, just from a personal energy perspective)

But - DAMN IT.

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