September 30, 2006

Some Movies

We've been in a Netflix flurry. I ran across some list of lesbian themed films that we've decided we need to see, so I just glommed them onto our Netflix list and we've bene getting them. Recently:

Show Me Love, 1999 - Really wonderful Swedish film about the popular sexy girl and the nerdy new girl. LOVED IT.

The Joy of Life, 2005 - Bit too cerebral for us. Jenni Olsen's musing on suicide, brelationships, butchness - but it was all a bit too disconnected. Interesting, thought-provoking, but not engaging.

Lakawanna Blues, 2005 - Not really sure how this one ended up on our list (probably the passing butch in a small supporting role) but a wonderful, inspiring movie, based on a play by Ruben Santiago-Hudson, about his youth and his "nanny" who raised him and serves as the neighborhood salvation to the outcast and down and out. True story. Great music. Great cast. Highly recommended!

On tap - Producing Adults, 2004.

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