September 10, 2006


I recently shared a moment of serendipity with a person online. I had emailed her a name and a link to somebody I had heard on the radio that I thought she might appreciate (This was out of the blue; we had never directly communicated before; I have no idea what motivated me to reach out) and it turned out to be something important to her. So I'm pondering serendipity.

Now, I set out upon my journey with zero prospects, zero funds, no plan beyond the next week or two. The fact that I have survived is a testament to serendipity. I can draw discrete lines from one magic moment (I have dates and names!) to the next that led through my self discovery and eventual transition. Weirdly, it was an almost conscious process - I'd be kind of adrift, the right person would come along, and suddenly, I knew. Or conversely, I would recognize a need, literally vocalize what I wanted or needed, and the universe would respond, and in such a way that I was able to recognize the gift.

Now, those who know me, know I am pretty down to earth. I burn no sage, I own no crystals, I wear no angel lapel pins. I am in most things annoyingly cynical and skeptical. Yet, I remain convinced that my path has been guided and protected, and I am almost giddy with expectation and annoying in my trust that the universe will provide for myself and for others in my world.

Pondering serendipity. I believe in something. Yet I am not sure that something can or wants to be named. Except possibly - that which is.

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