September 30, 2006

Tweaky Back and Celtic Airs

For what its worth, I have a tweaky back. First time I've had any real physical concerns or restriction since I started yoga - over a year ago. I think I picked it up from meditating the other day; I was trying something new (since I keep falling asleep or close to it when I am prone in a very savasana-like position) - and had my legs up in a supta baddha konasana pose. Not good, for 40 minutes of guided meditation.....I need to talk to our facilitator for advice - maybe a seated posture might serve me better since savasana = relaxation is so ingrained.

I'm just being really stretchy and gentle with the back until things feel better. Well, not perfectly - today whilst on the balloon crown line I was mischievously struck by the fact that, with the balloon as a prop, I could do a backbend. (I did, head touched the ground) and also that I could get down into utkatasana (again, balanced against the pull of the balloon / crown line). By the way, there is a really good website of yoga postures here (I keep referring to it to get the spelling of these postures, which I only really know verbally). I also ended up bunny-hopping across the field as the balloon was heated up and pulled me in. BOUNCE.

After ballooning, I did drop by the studio (to get myself a discounted 30 class card) Repeat after me YOGA IS LESS EXPENSIVE THAN THERAPY. I keep telling myself that. Better for me too, I get all left brained and analytical in therapy. Yoga is much more emotional. Today was open studio day; I have never actually hung out there for that, just drop in and pick up a card. Saturday is not my usual practice day.

We ended up at the Pipes in the Valley fest. Heard some great Celtic bands, including Wicked Tinkers (a bit rough for my taste), Mac-Talla Mór (loved the sound, great use of the bagpipes, although at times it felt like a 10,000 Maniacs concert, I think teh primary vocalist just vibed Natalie Merchant to me), Albannach (BIG crowd favorite, really tight and unique sound, drums a plenty) and Barleyjuice (got me dancing).

Plus lots of interesting people watching, some OK food, a beer, fire and police pipe and drum corps, and the most nasty porta-potties I've seen in ages. An unexpected connection with a friend, and an expected encounter with other friends. And a wee bit of shopping, my yoga friend A has been jonesing for my rather inexpensive silver earrings (uhm, really, CHEAP SILVER FOLK FESTIVAL EARRINGS) and I did indeed find them at one of the celtic jewelry vendors today. So the next time I see her, she gets a present for being nice. (Which for the record, she is, in spades. And her little dog too.)

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