September 27, 2006

Meditation, Meet the MP3 Player

I'm taking a training workshop that involves meditation. At our first meeting on Monday, we were gifted with a small box with 3 CDs. This week's assignment, a 40 minute meditation, once a day. Quite the commitment. ALthough it seems like this is the "boot camp" week, the other meditations seem to be around 20 minutes....

I spent some time this morning ripping the CD's and have imported the meditations onto my MP3 player. Which means:

a) No need to find a place with a CD player to do the meditations
b) No fumbling around for discs and less fumbling around for tracks
c) A bit of insulation from external noise sources (more if I invest in some headphones in lieu of ear buds)
d) Higher portability in terms of nature, the office, and other places

I did manage to get my practice in this new in spite of dogs and Zippy coming home early. It's still warm enough to use the 3 seasons porch; although I suspect that will become less of an option as the fall moves forward.

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