September 02, 2006

Seeing a Few Pieces Ahead

Gonna be a fuzzy kind of weekend. We're slated to help a friend move today (dykes with trucks) but that might get pushed until Sunday due to the rain. We don't know. I want to get to Jazzercise this morning if I can (8:30 to 9:30) and we are slated to be at the "move" at 10, so it will be cutting it close. But if moving is postponed until tomorrow.....

I do not do well with uncertainty - I tend to cram my life full of stuff, and I need to know whats coming so as to arrange the Tetris blocks of my life strategically and efficiently.

Last night, I did sneak in a rare 4:30 power yoga class, which is different mostly because its not the 9:30 am regulars who I can count on at the M-F morning classes. Different energy too - both with myself and the class. Before class I prepped dinner (sauteed sausage / peppers / onions into sauce, put a spaghetti squash into the stove) and picked up an Italian bakery loaf and some sinful desserts at a local bakery. So we had a nice meal. AC was over, she and Zippy are working on some horrible paperwork project that involves (so far) 2 inkjet printer cartridges and a ream of paper, and a good 6 hours of work. Ick.

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