September 07, 2006

Random Sightings

Two random people I came across today.

Matt Sanford, a paralyzed yoga instructor, who run Mind Body Solutions. He's recently published a book called Waking: A Memoir of Trauma and Transcendence, which I hope to get. A lot of what he is saying (I am listening to an interview right on on WAMC's Roundtable) resonates with my experience of yoga, both from the perspective of recovering from trauma, as well as being connected to a body that I have cut myself off from.

While doing some web wenching for a client based in Trinidad CO, I came across Snatam Kaur
The sincerity and depth of commitment that this artist brings to her music is firmly rooted in a life of devotion. Soon after her birth in 1972, in the beautiful mountain town of Trinidad, Colorado, Snatam’s parents turned to the teachings and lifestyle of the Sikh tradition and became students of the renowned Kundalini yoga master, Yogi Bhajan. Snatam heard Yogi Bhajan’s teachings at her parents’ side and a close relationship developed between the venerated teacher and the very young pupil. One day, before she was even two, Snatam began to chatter away in the middle of class; Yogi Bhajan stopped speaking, looked over at her and said, “You’ll have your turn soon to teach, little one.” Indeed, Snatam has fulfilled this forecast, teaching yoga, chants, and meditation to both children and adults.

Tendrils wrap around my world, connect in weird and wonderful ways. Most interesting and delightful.

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