September 11, 2006

Another round of search engine self reference

The following search terms brought people to my blog in recent weeks:

- alyson court no longer loonette
- yanni's newington (a small neighbodhood pizza / pasta restaurant we visit now and then)
- colin mcenroe fiction - which led me to rediscovering this piece, which foreshadowed the whole J.T. Leroy thing by YEARS
- jazzercise - well, duh
- family affairs - in Korean, no less
- HOT BASIL WEST HARTFORD - my all time #1 search string, I got 4 hits for this search
- small town surgeon - Methinks a reference to Dr. Biber gets this hit
- "Andy Weir" "cheshire crossing" - well, thats a new one
- Cliff Furnald - from my Alash in Ridgefield reporting
- neybas - a musician friend is collaborating with a former neyba, Terry Rand who also got a hit
- mutta paneer - can't go wrong blogging about Indian food.....
- bran muffins weight watchers "1 point" - also can not go wrong blogging about weight watchers

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Recently showed Erica the TLC documentary that featured Marci and Dr Biber. Was sad to know he had passed. He was so full of life and living. Did I ever mention that I thought I might have seen him in a Trinidad convenience store in Nov 05?