September 24, 2006

Chris Smither at the Iron Horse

Zippy and I traveled north last evening to see Chris Smither at the Iron Horse. Chris has been on the radar for a while, mostly via Falcon Ridge and WWUH, but we rarely sit through entire sets at FRFF, when we do its way up on the hill, and, well, its not the same as a live gig. We had a very enjoyable evening.

Chris was accompanied by David "Goody" Goodrich, a somewhat puckish sideman who provided some appropriately tasteful leads and accents. Not really the sort of concert we'd choose, but our friend Victoria was going, and the combination of good music, seeing her, and visiting Northampton was enough of a lure.

Victoria is in the process of finishing up a CD of her stuff, and Goody is working with her on it - part of her reason for being there. She also tends to get into stalking mode (not creepy, more like just really into their music) with particular acoustic acts, and right now Chris Smither is the target of that sort of attention.

Good night. I had a beer (gasp!) and a bean and corn burrito. Yum. We also shared some chips and salsa, and a sinful brownie dessert. It was nice to have a table with friends to share music with. So often in years gone by I'd be at that sort of thing alone.....I am sure I've been up to see the Nields or Dar or Cry Cry Cry or Gorka or some other act, and been there alone. ::sniff::

It was also Zippy's first visit to the Iron Horse (she liked) although she will be heading back up on Monday (with friends, not me....) for Tuvan rockers Yat-kha.

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