September 01, 2006

Still Alive (Such as it is)

Just a quickie update. I'm still here, but things have been busy. Wednesday night, I went out to dinner with MYA and her family. Thursday was work and yoga and taking MYA to visit a friend and more work. Then dinner with at Tinkers. Then Zippy and I had a fight. Ick.

I've been under a lot of work stress, with a lot of projects overdue or not getting done the way they should be - and I just need to bear down and focus and crank stuff out. I am hoping to do some of that today, and maybe get some extra work out over the weekend. With any luck, back on track by Monday. I have my monthly invoicing done, got a trip report out this morning, and am knee deep into an overdue project today.

Hopefully, I get a lot done today, maybe sneak out to some late afternoon yoga. And over the weekend - who knows. No big plans for the holiday; I need to catch my breath.

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