September 10, 2006

Pride and Prejudice

We ended up at Pride, for a change. I usually put in an appearance, although some years not. This year, I picked up MYA and took her over; she hung out with a friend from Boston all day. I was so impressed with the layout and venue (Main Street, in front of City Hall and the Wadsworth) that I drove home, cajoled Zippy into coming, and we went.

We walked the festival once; I ran into the usual smattering of community folks. Mostly, we sat (having brought chairs) and people watched, and ate crap.

It's always bittersweet, for me. I am not really connected to the community; having outgrown (and/or pissed off or been pissed off by) many of the support and activism branches. So in a lot of ways I feel alone and disconnected (and yeah, I know this is my issue). And so often, Zippy is not into it (physically, emotionally, mentally) that I go alone, and since a part of the reason that I am not connected to the community have to do with being coupled (time, energy, patience), it feels odd to move through a space like Pride alone. So I am glad she went.

That being said, kudos to the Pride organizers. It was a really nice space, a really nice event - much better than previous years in Bushnell Park or Elizabeth Park. Felt urban and connected to the city, and, as Zippy pointed out, there were persons of color there, for a change. Which was wonderful to see. Living in Hartford, we kind of move through a diverse world without really noticing; but then when we go to less diverse spaces, it becomes evident. And Pride (and the GLBT community in general) has traditionally been a less diverse space.

It rained between 6 and 7 - we took off just prior (MYA was tired, as was Zipster, and so I took 'em both home) - we ran into our WNBA friends as we left (hope they did not get too wet) and it seemed like the rain passed and it was OK afterwards, so I hope the rest of the festival went OK.

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