September 04, 2006

Uber Man 2006

If you have some bucks to contribute and are bored on Thursday, consider the CT AIDS Resource Coalition (CARC) Summer Camp / Uberman fundraiser at the Riverside Park / Jaycees Community Boatyard from 6 - 9 pm.

I do not really have a dog in the hunt (Uberman competition) except that my yoga friend Alison is the event chairperson, and I dropped a ten-spot on votes for Colin McEnroe and Peter Shapiro for sentimental reasons. Although there are lots of worthy (i.e. - cute / smart / hunky / funny) competitors and its for a wonderful organization.

If thats a bit rich for your blood, well, Real Art Ways has their Writers & Readers event (FREE) running concurrently, with the theme Fiction. Versus. Truth. Bummer, really, I love the RAW literature events. And isn't it time you became a member at RAW?

Gonna be a kind of weirdly busy week for me. The frenetic work of last week should continue. One of my large clients has been on vacation and should be dumping work on me Tues or Wed. MYA has an appointment on Wed, Thursday I have lunch and the fundraiser, and next weekend is Connecticut Pride; not sure how much of it I will be participating in but I imagine at the very least I'll have soccer mom duty.....

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