September 18, 2006

Safe at Home.....

Corporate powerpoint geekdom went well, with a 1:00 p.m. drive off time, and a quick ride home (via the Tappan Zee Bridge and the Merritt, rather than 684 / 84) since it was mid-day. Only one near miss - a car was in the breakdown lane, and the person two cars in front of me decided to come to a dead stop (in the right hand lane) which I could not see until the SUV in front of me suddenly veered to the left. About the only thing I could do was zoom around the outside of the two cars, in the breakdown lane / shoulder. Ugh. Not a slick or safe maneuver but the alternative was to rear end the stopped car.

Lots of little projects perking around. Will be nice to be able to go into the office the rest of the week. Although between zapping, a dental cleaning, and some other things, it will still be an erratic work week.

The highlight of the past weekend was Kirtan rehearsal last night. It felt very positive - turns out the chord changes for the various chants were not all that difficult (I feared some obscure eastern intervals or scales) and in fact we were able to go through a lot of the chants. It feels so good to have a toe back in music much as the Kirtan leader was effusive about my coming on board, I am equally effusive about the opportunity to participate.

Although now I am thinking about guitar amplification - either buying a clip-in pickup / transducer, having one installed, or even purchasing a moderately priced guitar with a pickup already installed.

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