September 26, 2006

Catching my breath

A special yoga workshop tonight with Heather Tiddens at the studio. Definitely a challenging practice for me, since I am not quite so flexible and fluid, but not so energetic and aerobic as some. Less sweat, more surrender and and some new concepts - Yin yoga, which is sort of a surrendering, not hot, do not force breath into ones body kind of practice. Apparently wonderful for loosening up the connective tissue. It was an evening of curiousity. And humility.

Extra special treat, one of favorite local folkies (from Mad Agnes) was in the workshop - did not notice her until afterwards. I made sure it was her (I only ever see her with a guitar) and stopped to chat and says thanks (she and her group were the catalyst for a large dose of catharsis back in December 2003) and they (a) have a new CD coming out called Revenants and (b) are playing Roaring Brook on October 14th. I'm hoping to be there.

Back on September 7th I blogged "....Tendrils wrap around my world, connect in weird and wonderful ways. Most interesting and delightful...." and that does not seem to be abating.....

In other (workish) news, I went to a seminar up in MA today - which was pretty good. 50 people in the room. One woman. Hmph. And Thursday I take MYA up to Boston again.....

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