September 19, 2006

Local Color - The Fernwood

Zipster and I noshed at the Fernwood in West Hartford for lunch. It was a singularly interesting experience. We were "girls" at the doorway, problematic until one realized that we were 20 years younger than the average age of the patrons. It seemed to be full of West End lawyers, doctors, retirees. It seemed like we were the only women in the place at first (other than the staff) although tables of women drifted in as we ate. Lots of walkers, hearing aides, and canes.

Beverly, the waitress introduced herself, and quipped "the soups are home-made, everything is good" and when Zippy asked for the bathrooms, was told "they're old but clean". The food was very good - Zippy had the salad nicoise (homemade dressing), I had a turkey club. The atmosphere - priceless.

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