September 16, 2006

And now the news.....

Nothing serious to report. Since my last update, I have just been a bit overwhelmed with life, so few moments to blog. Hereby rectified.

Let's see, Tuesday, I worked. I yoga'd. I went to a doctor's appointment. I worked some more. I did dinner with the Zipster. I went to a mentoring meeting at the local pride center. When I got back, AC was here.

Wednesday I worked, then got zapped, then went to a diabetes support group meeting with the Zipster.

Thursday, I worked. I yoga'd. I drove to Bristol to pick up MYA, her mom, and baby brother, then drove the lot up to Boston for a doctor's appointment. It would have been a longish trip, but traveling with mom (who is not a fan of public restrooms) and baby bro (who is 19 months and needs things like diapers and car seats and strollers) makes for a much higher maintenance trip. The appointment was at 3 pm; I ended up rolling back into the house around 10 pm.

Friday, I was out the door at 5:00 am for a 6:15 meet-up in Fairfield, and an 8:00 am call time in New Jersey. Corporate powerpoint gig; set-up day. I need to go back Monday for the meeting. The set day was not all that hard (lot of hurry up and wait) but the ride home was horrible. We broke at 5 pm but it was 6:15 pm by the time we hit the road, then it was rainy and Friday night. Ugh. The driver (one of the crew) was pretty aggressive - tailgating, jumping lanes and stuff. And it was not helped by the fact that the passenger was messing with one of the GPS map things - and the driver was watching a lot (or a cell phone). I felt very nervous; when you see the driver looking down at a screen, red brake lights ahead, and you already feel like you are too close for speed, road conditions, and weather - you just can not help gasping a bit. I know its different in a newish care with ABS and good tires and stuff - my experience with the Saturn is that driving like that = accident. I hate to be such a wimp about it; but it is what it is; and I was completely tense and stressed out when I got home around 10:00 pm (driving was stressful enough with me at the wheel, being cautious - it was that sort of a rainy night) I suspect I am gonna drive myself down on Monday just to avoid a repeat.

So....a high stress couple of days. I got out to Jazzercise this morning, which was stress-reducing. We're going to a new folk fest this afternoon: the Strawberry Park Folk Fest. Tomorrow, yoga, maybe connecting with MYA, and Kirtan rehearsal in the evening.....

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