September 29, 2006

More catch-up

It's the last workday in September so I am busily cranking out work. No yoga this morning.

Yesterday was a work / yoga / drive all over the northeast with MYA in tow. Methinks we might have her tracked for appropriate medical services as of next Tuesday. If she walks away from a 10:00 am appointment with some little plastic bottles in her hand.....might be a very good day and a lot of my driving and time invested will have paid off. Jude to universe: Thanks.

A quickie graphics project (pro bono) for a friend this morning - nothing spectacular, just grab a bunch of images (deliberately sent in a not-too-useful format by another graphics geek intent on being perceived as indispensible, methinks), make them transparent, figure out a font, buy it and install it, text grab the content in Acrobat, and dump it all into PowerPoint with some layout shuffling.

I am the queen of cheap and dirty. Fear me. Sent it out, and waiting for feedback......

In the meantime, three small projects for a regular client that I need to get out today so as to invoice this month. And a few other things that I might try to sneak out as well.....

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