September 03, 2006

Spirit Willing. Flesh Aching.

We helped a friend move yesterday. As moves go - not so bad. We had the zippy-mobile (a beater Toyota longbed with a cap), a Ford Econoline for the big stuff, and a PT Cruiser. Moving from a second floor apartment to a first floor one (with easy access) - not so bad. And the threatened rain from Erneston never really happened - it was windy and cloudy and threatening all day but it never did more than spit a little. She had no big appliances, although a small love seat, entertainment unit, bed, and dressers provided enough challenge down the twisty apartment stairs.

We stopped for lunch at a totally charming general store out in Stafford Springs - the Mill Pond Country Store - which had some pretty incredible sandwiches. It was one of those throwback places - you can get sodas and sandwiches and penny candy and slushies and fireworks and lots of other things. And the sandwiches were perfect - I had a spicy turkey grinder that was delicious.

Being the youngest (my sister movers were in their 50's, I'm mid 40's) and least injured one there (two backs, one ankle), I got to do my share of the up and down stairs part, and my legs are crying this morning. I'm going to Jazzercise in a bit but I think I need 30 minutes of yoga to heat up the muscles and get some looseness going.

Not much else to report. Gonna go fetch MYA this afternoon for Rainbow Room. No serious plans for the rest of the weekend - Jazzercise this morning, yoga tomorrow....

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