September 03, 2006

Do It Yourself

Well, I got down to Jazzercise to find SURPRISE no class today (Labor Day Holiday) - I had heard the "no class Monday" thing but today was news to me. Serves me right for not getting there often enough of late.

So, I came home and did some home grown yoga. Got good and sweaty, even with a coolish room (our three seasons porch) - but a good long practice. Mostly postures, not so flowy, and a good mix of stuff. Not a ton of hips and backbends - must make a mental note to mix those in to the next practice. I'm going to remix my yoga CD - move the bouncy flowy tracks back a bit later into the practice, and perhaps add some tracks to fill up the CD. But, good. The aches and pains that were more about fragility and creaky joints are gone, replaced with some general soreness that speaks of muscles and strength.

We popped over to Apple Tree for fruits and veggies, and I just made up some Chicken Salad, from leftover chicken and a bunch of veggie drawer leftovers - celery, onion, grapes, almonds. Waiting for a couple of ears of corn to cook, and then lunch!

Off to pick up MYA this afternoon; for Rainbow Room. Kind of a grey and rainy day although I suspect the sun may poke out before the day is done.

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