September 21, 2006

Phone Banking for Ned

I spent a few hours tonight up on Albany Avenue in Hartford, phone banking for Ned Lamont. I'm not a huge fan of the practice - for one thing, technology (answering machines, caller ID) mean that a lot of people just let it go to the machine. "No Answer" was the winner in this survey..... And, cohabitating with a decidely antagonistic phone answerer (when it comes to surveys and political calls and telemarketing) - one can certainly understand people being upset to get a call.

It was interesting. I talked to a few people - some adamantly pro-Ned, some were sticking with Lieberman (seemingly a decision based on sentiment and intertia). A lot of "I've decided but I am not telling" folks. Some undecided. But mostly, answering machines.

Not my favorite thing. But I'm definitely working towards some change in this election cycle, and aside from throwing Ned a few bucks, blogging, putting out a lawn sign, putting a bumper sticker on my car, and voting......well, its another small drop in the bucket. 2,692 US troops dead as of today. Untold numbers of Iraqi's. A world that pretty much despises my country. And a host of problems - global warming, a looming energy crisis, health care costs, you name it - that are not getting addressed by the present administration.

You can get Pizza Hut in Baghdad, though. Just saying.

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Diana_CT said...

I know what you mean; I have been helping out since the middle of July. I figured that it is worth it if we can end Bush’s policies with the war, energy and all of the right wing agenda.
But what I hate doing the phone calls are when you ask for a person and you hear them call the name that they have a phone call. Then you hear the walker being pushed across the floor and this feeble answers the phone.