September 04, 2006

Summer's Over

If there were any doubts, lay them to rest. It's September, its cool and autumnal out there, and Labor Day weekend is winding down. It's fall kids.

A filled with health kind of day. A holiday power yoga class was filled to capacity and fierce. I walked out in a kind of daze. Not to say that I was wiped all day; AC called up and wanted to bike, so we went to the Farmington Canal path. (alas, the West Hartford reservoir rangers would not let AC ride sans helmet). The path was a good solid ride though. So lots of exercise. I was trying to explain how I could be wiped out by yoga (or a yoga class could kick my butt) since she had the traditional "sit cross legged on the mat and chant" understanding.

After biking, we came home, and I cooked some yummy pork chops, some onion and pepper kabobs, and corn. Din din. Now AC and Zippy are up working on the never-ending MSDS sheets for AC's work.

Now I am kind of bored. I did the dishes, folded the laundry. Too late to start something new, too early to go to bed, and I am not much for curling up in front of the television.

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