September 24, 2006

Krishna Das in my ears

Yesterday I spent a few hours doing Kirtan homework - downloading music, digging up tabs, etc. So now I have a CD of burned chants, an MP3 player with them in, and some more formal music sheets with chords and capo'ing worked out and legibly printed. Also a few semi-spiritual popular songs that end up getting played. Go me.

I'm heading over to my Sunday morning ritual of hot yoga in a bit, but for now, I am bopping to some chants - hoping to get these grooved into my subconscious over the next few weeks. The goal is to get the music / chords and overall song chant structure and changes into a less conscious space, so I can experience a bit of the kirtan transcendence even though I will be playing guitar. Still no guitar decision....but I am pondering a purchase.

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