September 12, 2006

Much change

It's Tuesday morning and I am weeping lightly for the mother of an acquaintance, recently departed. Death and sorrow comes like that, sneaking in the side door at times. Not wholly unexpected, and not so close that I might have met this woman in life, but sadness still.

The week is a busy one, as is the day. Today - yoga, a doctors appointment, a mentoring meeting. And of course, work. Tomorrow, work and zapping and a support group. Thursday, heading up to Boston with MYA to try to hook her up with some resources.....Friday - I dunno. Breathing or something.

My car has been down a pint of coolant every day or so; I took it in for repair - water pump, thermostat, and a coolant change. $400 - annoying. Nice to have it back in shape, glad it was not worse, glad it was not fatal.

Yesterday, I went for an interview for a workshop / group on eating. It seems like a good fit for a bunch of reasons. A few weeks back Zippy and I had a discussion about therapists and support - she was firing off names and places and "you should call" - whereas I have come to trust a more organic approach. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. I have been watching for the invitation for a while now, and I spotted this flyer down at the yoga studio, and I knew it was right. Funny, cause I picked up the flyer on Thursday or Friday, glanced through it, put it down. Then could not stop thinking about it - and fetched a copy for myself on Sunday. I called on Sunday, and we set up an appointment on Monday.

Again, serendipity takes me where I need to go, when I need to go there, and puts people and things in my path that I need to be working with. If I were a hard-ass realist I would postulate that I have built the sort of social and support network where I have access to what I need, and I am smart enough to identify resources when I need them. If I were a mystic, I might guess that I have a guardian angel. Not telling which belief seems more authentic to me.....

In other news, I got a really lovely card from one of my clients - thanks for the hard work - with some nice gift cards to a clothing store (appreciated, I could use an autumn wardrobe refresh) and a local Thai eatery. Methinks the crew out in Trinidad is dangerous now: someone has found my blog......cause how else would they know to feed me Thai food and from this much searched for place. Pretty darn nice surprise.

Fall is here. The air says it; last night after Jazzercise it just felt like it, and this morning the heat came on (at which point the Zipster started freaking out cause some of the windows are still open). So I killed the heat and I think will be closing storm windows and buttoning up the place a bit in the next few days.

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