September 11, 2006

A Beautiful Day

Stunning even. One could even say perfect, here in New England - crystal clear blue sky, low humidity, sun bright and at an angle where the golden colors and shadows of fall are predicted.

Much like Sept 11, 2001. And I wonder if this is how it will be every year, when the weather is this way, nearly perfect, will we always hearken back to that day? Will it become like Good Friday in my youth, where the nuns used to predict a cloudy afternoon around 3:00 pm - and although I am sure it was not always so, thats what I remember. The cloudy, rainy, dreary memorials to a crucifixion.

I do not have much to say. It's a day for feeling, not a day for talking. But if you do feel like reading something, read this. Props to Colin for pointing the way.

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