September 16, 2006

Quid Pro Quo

So, I'm surfing blogs and livejournals and I come upon these lines in an introduction:
I am quite outspoken. And my journal is very bombastic, and avant gourde (sic), with an accent on various pontifications...

and also:
So, for those who can respond to me with love and kindness ... I truly welcome you with open arms and warm smiles. For those who want preach to me or pontificate about how much they know and how they are going to SET ME STRAIGHT... KEEP WALKING
So....let me see if we have this right: you will be preaching and pontificating, but we're not allowed to. Oh good.

I might suggest that if one were seeking love and kindness, one might choose to send a little love and kindness out there. Much as I am loathe to quote our friend Paul, "A man reaps what he sows" (Galatians 6:7). Perhaps a more contemporary corollary from another Paul (and John) "And in the end the love you take, Is equal to the love you make."

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