September 29, 2006

Has Anybody Seen September?

This month has flown by! I looked up today and it was the end of the month; Monday will be an invoicing, organizing, cleaning up kind of day. I have a couple of loose ends I wanted to get done today; might try to get them done this weekend.

The weekend will fly by as well. Balloon chasing tomorrow, assuming the weather cooperates. In the afternoon, Pipes in the Valley, down at the riverfront. In between, a stop at the studio (open studio tomorrow) to pick up a class card. Sunday morning, yoga probably. Then a dessert party.

In between, meditation. Music practice. We're just finishing up a movie "Lackawanna Blues" (a weird Netflix choice, but pretty great).

Meanwhile, my quads have not stopped aching from the Tuesday class with Heather Tiddens. Connective tissue work, indeed. Yow!

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