September 21, 2006

Breast Implants Linked to Higher Suicide Rate

The researchers discovered the suicide rate is 73 percent higher in participants with breast implants relative to the control group. The connection between breast implants and suicide was not tested and no direct link was found between the two.

However, Bisson said previous studies have characterized women who receive breast implants by a low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence and more frequent mental illnesses such as depression.

The research team also analyzed a group of 16,000 women who had undergone plastic surgery procedures other than breast augmentation. They found similar results, with a lower mortality rate and a higher suicide rate than the general population.

While I am not sure this is particularly appropo to members of my tribe, it does give one pause for thought. I've certainly run across many who have staked a lot on body modification in the hopes of making significant improvements in their lives. And I have met many for whom the life improvements fell short of the expectations.

Some have opined that members of my tribe should not have to undergo psych testing to access body mods, and offer the evidence that nontrans folk do not need such testing to have the same or similar body mods.

This study, perhaps, suggests the opposite. Maybe psych testing should be required for non-trans women to access cosmetic procedures.....what's good for the neo-goose, is good for the goose-born-goose, right.....?

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Anonymous said...

I saw that study myself. Had to peer myopically over my HUGE tracts of augmented land to do so, of course. I would tend to agree that body mods should not be entered into lightly. As I said recently in another forum, I hold myself to a 2-year-rule: if I consistently desire said mod (tattoo, surgery) for 2 years, then it's valid and can be pursued. Perhaps some kind of screening for depressive-types? There is probably some kind of middle ground between the extremes of psych-gatekeeping and unfettered access.