March 20, 2007

Coming Up for Air

Whew, its been a weird day. I'm sort of in between gears here - some times its business as usual, some times its a shock to the system. Media remains a large shock - with television and radio being particularly grating. And Zippy and I have been in some loud discussions verging on arguments on a couple of topics. Think we are getting caught up - she's getting some pent up energy released. But as a result of not avoiding the media as much as I should, and our energy, I have a low grade headache.

Mostly, its been heightened awareness - colors, details, patterns, etc. A whole lot of life that has been passing below my radar, suddenly visible.

The funniest moment - during yoga, M had us do a lot of work with one leg. As we lay that leg down next to the other leg (as yet unworked) she commented "notice if one leg feels longer than the other". I did, and whether it was a remnent of the intensive itself or the giddiness of the reintegration day, I audibly giggled. Violating yoga etiquette (I imagine) and uncommon for me; I am generally pretty serious about it all. Perhaps my post intensive heightened awareness made the percieved leg difference more pronounced - it felt like one leg was 6 inches longer than the other.

The next few days are pretty much of mish mosh. I had double scheduled some medical stuff (doctor / dentist) for tomorrow, so I rescheduled the dentist, and now the doctor cancelled (family emergency) so I am free tomorrow to simply work - and I have plenty to do. Thursday is morning yoga, then off to start the True Colors weekend - picking up MYA in Bristol, shopping, fetching her friend down in Middletown. Friday and Saturday will be long days (at the conference).

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