March 02, 2007

Hey, It's March

It's also Friday. Both facts feel somewhat unexpected.

I've been digging out of work piles all week - and enter the weekend with a queue of reports pending, a powerpoint thingee that I will work on once I get some client feedback, a trip report, two site visit invoices & expense reports, some significant web site revisions, and a new power analysis package to install and play with. So, not like there is much chance of catching up any time soon.....

Next week seems like it will not be all that useful in terms of catching up - I am headed to NC on Tuesday afternoon, down there all weekend, flying back on Thursday morning. Then I head out to Scottsdale, AZ on Saturday, returning on Monday.

Tonight, we're headed to Manchester to see our friend Peter Anthony noodling and crooning (as are his wont). Tomorrow, probably some yoga of some sort, and a yoga talk / workshop in the afternoon. Sunday, MYA and I will connect - hopefully some duckpin bowling with the mentoring group.

I'd love to squeeze some catching up for work in there. Probably can bang out a few reports, the trip report is similar to another recent one so I can do some cut-n-paste work. We'll see.....

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