March 23, 2007

True Colors Conference Bullets

* The staff tee shirts are bold lemon yellow. Accessorize accordingly.
* I'm being a building manager (i.e. - adult in charge) today. So no workshops on Friday. Saturday, with any luck....
* Namoli Brennet is the opening act this morning. I can not imagine a better fit (well, Ani maybe) - I hope the kids go wild (good for Namoli, good for the kids)
* Abby Denson is presenting on Saturday, I hope I get the chance to meet her. I've had a bit of a crush on her (in terms of her art and humor and energy) for a ton of years, but have never met her.
* Moonhawk Stone will be there as well. I doubt I will hit his workshop (Professional Track) but I will hopefully get a chance to see him and say hello.
* Chris Beam, author of Transparent, will be there as well. I need to remember to tell MYA to bring along her copy of the book on Saturday, perhaps she can meet Chris and get is signed.
* Robyn Ochs, one of my favorite people on the planet. Need I say more?

Oh, and even though this violates one of the prime directives of this blog, I note that there are two (2) workshops on Trans and Intersex inclusion:

a) Neither presenter (I know both, they are good people, but.....) identifies as trans or intersex
b) Let's just continue to blur the lines between these two very separate (and oft conjoined) identities, shall we?

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