March 09, 2007

Zoom zoom zoom

Still breathing.

I've been in NC for a few days - flew down Tuesday evening, got back Thursday noon. Good day of meetings with a client - some hands-on time with a new power analyzer, some working on long term projects. Nothing mission critical, but all positive. The highlight was a sushi dinner with one of those damn Sushi boats. First time in forever I have had more Sushi than I knew what to do with.....

I tried to catch up on work yesterday, got a bit done. I have trip reports to crank out, expense reports and invoices, and lots of miscellany. Argh! I did manage to sort through the large pile of bills and receipts and statements, and sort through my desk piles (collecting the receipts for the 3 T&E reports I need to assemble) which was a positive. I also snuck out for a pretty gentle yoga practice with Kate. (dinner, art opening, yoga) I need yin yoga; my regular life is way too much like a fast vinyasa class of late.

Today - some work, then taking MYA up to Boston for medical junk. Hopefully it will be a quick trip, although we'll be heading back around rush hour.

Tomorrow, I need to be in Milford around 6:00 am, heading to Kennedy for a direct flight to Phoenix for a production gig. I'm out there Saturday night and Sunday, returning on Monday.

Tuesday down to Hackensack NJ for a quick site visit for a medical clients. And Thursday, off to Vermont for an Enlightenment Intensive; I'm off the grind until Monday.

Oh yeah, and tomorrow is my birthday. 46 in case you are counting. I'm hoping the day passes pretty much under the radar. I love life, I love breath, I am ever so thankful for this body, this world, this opportunity to dance. But on this side of the hill, birthdays just remind me how much precious time has passed, and how few years remain......thankful and sad.

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