March 12, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Meeting over. The production went well. For the record:

* The schtick was "Deal or More Deals" and the entire thing went pretty well - no obvious goofs or gaffes, maybe 1 or 2 slides that the client skipped the content for. But all in all, we done well.

* One bit of pre-show angst, as the producer (friend) stopped by about an hour before the rehearsal with nada (zero zip zilch) done towards creating a confidence monitor presentation (for the speaker to see / read his script on). I had no problem working on it (heck, I'm getting paid good money to be the powerpoint princess) but the fact that nobody really thought of telling me we needed it, it was just hanging out there. I tossed the scrip text file into PPT. split it into about 65 slides, with appropriate paragraphs and breaks, different color text for stage directions and other speakers. A little over an hour (rehearsal was late).

If I had doubts about earning my keep out here, that little bit of geekery dispelled those. If I were not there, the producer would still be typing in the text. I got a bit cranky during rehearsals (trying to run the screens and the confidence monitors) with some segments needing 2 or 3 slide changes per section.

* The post-meeting entertainment was comedian Darrell Hammond, who had his moments, although he was really pretty right-wing (not sure if those are his politics or if he was playing to the banking crowd). And on a few occasions, he sort of started a joke and then drifted off before getting to the punchline. It was like he had 5 or 6 extended bits he was riffing on, and just kept jumping from one to the other without really fleshing out any of them. We were backstage and did not have a visual, so perhaps we were missing part of it....

But, it went fine. we've got an 11:10 am flight tomorrow (direct flight and first class again), should be wheels up from the hotel at 8:00. Back in CT late tomorrow night. For now, a very comfortable Four Seasons bed awaits.....and a hopefully gentle flight tomorrow....

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