March 26, 2007

So, about those wrap pants.....

I got a lot of "where can I get those?" at the conference so here's the link

They are based in Reading PA, delivery was pretty quick, and the wrap pants range from around $9 to $15 sized to 2X)

For those in the dark, these are sarong style pants, which are sort of half way between a skirt and pants - unworn they look sort of like a misshapen sheet - and putting them on is somewhat complicated (kind of like wearing a diaper) but they are flowy and allow movement and very comfortable. There is sort of an explanation of what they are and how to tie them.

I was wearing a pair at the conference and people kept asking me where I got them - the inquiries came from a diversity of identities - drag performers (I can move in those) and lesbians (I could wear those without feeling like I had a dress on)

Happy shopping!

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