March 24, 2007

(Not) My People

The True Colors Conference was.....odd. I ended up being building manager for one of the lightly used buildings - two active classrooms on the 3rd floor, only one of them used for sessions 1 and 3, both used for session 2. I pretty much hung out in the halls, and was visible - by the end of the day I was letting the kids hang because the workshop was packed to the gills and I imagined some might have issues with crowds / claustrophobia but wanted to listen, and maybe wait for friends. No hard-ass, I. As long as they were quiet....which they were.

There was a presenters / volunteer dinner last night which I missed - first, I never heard about it / got info. Second, I was unsure about my schedule in terms of taking MYA back home. Third, I did not want to spend more time away from Zippy and the home front. As it was Zippy and MP went to Tinkers for dinner - I tried to call in case we could have met there, but Zippy is not a "leave the cell phone" on kinda person, so I ended up with leftover rice topped with mutter paneer.

I dunno. I feel "other" this weekend. Not really part of the conference "in crowd". Not really part of the kids. Not presenting. Sent into volunteer exile.

Not sure what's up today - I'm gonna dress up a bit and go to some workshops. Zippy may or may not end up working.

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