March 13, 2007

My Vinyasa Life

I'm off to Hackensack NJ this afternoon, with some morning time to reintegrate a little, a few hours in the office, some power yoga, pick up a rental car, pick up some test equipment, and then drive drive drive.

It srrikes me that my life at the moment is like a long vinyasa practice - I am in the flow, I am sweating, I am motion and postures. Tomorrow, home all day, although I may fetch MYA for some shopping. Thursday, another yoga practice and then off to the Enlightenment Intensive through Monday the 19th.

Zippy has been most patient with my shenanigans, although I fear her patience might not last too much longer. I think I made a decision on the plane coming home that April is going to be a travel free month - just so I can catch up and spend time with my life.....

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