March 30, 2007

Sick Girl

You know I am legitimately sick when I opt out of yoga. Not much gets in the way of me and the mat. But today - no practice. My week long throat tickle, sniffly nose, and work lethargy has blossomed into a full-blown spring cold. Slight headache, tired, sneezing, coughing. Should have been dosing with Vitamin C and Zinc all week, should have been a bit more proactive. Ah well, good day for a sick day. I have a bunch of work for a web client that I can not do from the office (because my office internet connection has been unable to access the client URL, and so far calls and emails to Cox Communications have not been helpful)

So, I'm home today (although I will probably pop out for mail and to check the office sometime today).

In other news, I found a beautiful video of an ashtanga practice on You Tube:

Which is both incredibly inspiring and incredibly humbling. I mean, just the way these folks jump forward from down dog into forward fold - like finely tuned machines, pivoting on arms, every joint precidely oiled and balanced. I see this stuff and feel like a piker, yoga wise.

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