March 09, 2007

Tropical Mist Restaurant

36 Franklin Ave. | Hartford, CT 06114 | 860-296-7088

Zippy has been eyeing this place for a while now (just south of Ipanema), so last night, freshly home from North Carolina and soon to be back in the air, we decided to splurge. We tend to talk more when we eat out, and I've been too busy to actually be a good partner. So we trekked down to Franklin Avenue before hitting an art opening.

Quite a charming little place. Two rooms, clean and bright, with cloth napkins. Our waiter might have been the owner (he apologized at one point for the service, which was not poor at all, indicating that the waitress had called in sick). Never having been exposed to Guyanese-West Indian Cuisine, we found an interesting amalgam - some of the dishes seemed to be chinese inspired, others seemed like mild Indian (Roti, Dahl), but with a subtle caribbean flavor throughout.

I had a vegetarian dinner, with a small bowl of eggplant (very good) and pumpkin (sublime) which came with warm Roti (flat bead, somewhere between a tortilla and a pita). I also got a small salad (which Zippy scarfed), a bowl of delicious soup (mildly sweet and creamy, with plaintain, and a root vegetable that was almost potatoe like and I forget the name but will edit this when I remember it), and a bowl of mild Dahl, almost like a pure split pea soup, puree'd.

Zippy had Hot Pot Pork which was mild and delicious, and came with a large plate of fried rice. Zippy is not usually a biggie for friend rice (too many carbs) but she tasted a bit of this and the next thing you know it was half gone.

Reasonable prices, we got out the door for $25 including tip (no drinks), although the curries get a little pricier for the boneless option. Next time we go (and there will be a next time) we'll tried one of the Curry recipes - chicken, pork, goat, or fish.

A quick web search came up empty on this place, so I imagine I'm gonna have another search engine winner here. Go, enjoy. It's a welcome addition to the Hartford restaurant scene, and a wonderful break from franchised food and dining experiences.

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