March 22, 2007

True Colors Conference

The next few days will be pretty much consumed by this annual juggernaut of youthful queerishness (or queerish youthfulness). Online here. The conference starts today but the big days are Friday and Saturday, over at Central CT State University in New Britain. This year's conference is titled True Colors XIV: Family Matters A - Z

I'm not doing anything this year (in years past my mom/sister and I did workshops) but I am volunteering as usual and am planning to schlep MYA around (she is on a panel and is doing a workshop plus she will be hanging with friends). Today we're going shopping (she got a gift card and has a shop in Hartford scoped out to spend it) and afterwards over to CCSU to help set up for the conference. Tomorrow and Saturday pretty much conference all day with perhaps some latish nights.

So, gonna be pretty much offline for a few days. Going to get some work in this morning, and then yoga (right now its a coin toss between Gentle and Power) - and then the True Colors madness begins.

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