November 13, 2007

Capitalist Frustration

So I lost my bank ATM card. I've been looking around for it for about a week, to no avail. It appears that I left it in a machine, and it got eaten as a result, and reported as LOST. I found that out today.

I went to the bank to deposit a check and get some money. Since I had no ATM card, I waited in line. And waited. And waited. Bank lines on week days seem to be pretty much full of senior citizens, who perhaps do not trust ATM's and do not mind waiting in line. But they also tend to have long transactions. So the line was long and slow.

After doing my normal banking (about 20 minutes), I end up in an office trying to get a new card.

Problem #1 - They have no record of there being a card on the account. I gave them the date and amount of my last transaction, and yes, they see that I must have had a card, but they have no record of it. That's when I found out my card had already been reported as LOST, back on 11/2. Now - good customer service would have dropped me a note, hey loser, you lost your card. Hey customer, we're sending you a new one. But no.....

It took another 30 minutes for them to figure out what I needed to do. Then I had to leave for a hair appointment, and took the form I needed with me. I stopped in another branch en route back to work and took care of things - which was still complicated - since my checking and savings accounts had different addresses and phone numbers. Lots of pieces of paper to sign, lots of database fields to update. Another 30 minutes.

I think I am all set - but whew, that was annoyingly difficult.

Hopefully the replacement card will come soon so I do not need to actually interface with bank employees for another 18 months or so.....

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