November 15, 2007

Die Hard with a Big Mac

I had a terrorism / home invasion dream last night. Except, it took place at the McDonald's restaurant I used to work at (circa 1977 - 1982) in Framingham, MA.

The basic plot - working the overnight cleaning shift, a guy comes in with a cell phone, set to dial which would ostensibly set off three bombs on the roof. Not sure what he wanted (money? revenge?) in return for not setting off the bombs. There were also two other people there (a man and a woman) who may or may not have been in on the scheme. All three of them seemed familiar, perhaps they worked there.

In the course of the dream, I ended up grabbing the cell phone detonator and throwing it out into the street, where it go run over. At some point, inebriated people kept showing up because the parking lot lights had been left on; I had to figure out how to turn them off. At another point, I ended up on the roof, climbing through a ceiling hatch that I needed to get a ladder to access, looking for the bombs (which ended up being plastic gasoline cans with just a little bit of gas in them), and then the two bad guys came up there, so I ended up locking them on the roof.....

What was weird was how things were pretty close to when I worked there, but not quite. For example, the electrical panel to turn off the parking lot lights was in the same place of the store that I remember it, but instead of simple breakers, there was some complicated joystick affair that could have come out of a nuclear power plant simulation. And the hatch to the roof - there was a hatch at my McD's, but it was in a different place and there was a ladder built in to the wall to access it.....

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