November 28, 2007

Re-appreciating Dar Williams

Dar is the artist du jour on my MP3 player - I'm just randomly playing the 4 or 5 of her albums I have in the MP3 player en route home from Chicago. It's sort of a gentle emotional rollercoaster - small weepy beauty moments, bouncy perky moments, laughing out loud at jokes and wry wordplay. One cannot listen to Dar and remain untouched. Even Mortal City - a darker and experimental piece for her, playing now, and beautifully touching on the paradox of being alone among the mass of fellow travelers, here at Gate C29 in ORD.

Dar has been on my radar since the start - I first connected with her at the Common Ground in Bristol, CT, opening up for a friend of mine. I fell in love with her then, pre-The Honesty Room. I bought a cassette tape then, and have bought everything since.

Iowa used to be a wistful song for me - a song of regret, of loss, of wishing to travel a path that I could not access, but I knew was there. I am on that path now, and so Iowa is a song of small joy and happiness.

So yeah, Dar. Falling in love all over.....

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