November 16, 2007

Social Butterfly

An hour or so at the creative cocktail hour, where I enjoyed the cocktail du jour - a spur of the moment creation, dubbed a "drunken uncle martini" consisting of spiced rum, tia maria, amaretto, and cranberry juice (and garnished with a cranberry). It was pretty sweet and yummy - reminded me of a flavored brandy although less cloying. KC was there, and some other folks I know. I also fawned over Elizabeth Keithline to Mr. Wilkins, the entire Shadow Show exhbit is top notch.

Then off to Plainville for a balloon club meeting. I bought (30) 2008 calendars for my work clients (my annual holiday gift). Then off to Confettis to scout out the winter dinner location.....

I rolled back into thediveway around 10:00 p.m. - late for me.

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