November 22, 2007

Turkey Day

Gonna be a quiet one here. Zippy and I, plus two friends (scheduled) although I will be keeping an eye out for strays at yoga this morning. Sucks to spend holidays alone.

We've got a 14 pound bird; Zippy was lobbying for turkey breasts but I could not see spending more for a breast than for an entire bird (and I distinctly recall one of our guests opting for a leg in years past) - I got ours at Stew Leonards.

Besides the bird: mashed potatoes (peeling the potatoes is my next task), stuffing (being brought), roasted brussel sprouts with bacon (need to go find a recipe), turnips (a last minute pre-chunked buy at Stew Leonard's). I've already made a batch of gravy (to be supplemented by bird drippings) as well as homemade cranberry sauce (it's ridiculously easy and can be made up ahead of time, yet my family of origin made do with canned for years). One of out guests is bringing dessert, and I have a spinach dip for appetizer.....

This morning, a bit of cleaning, peeling potatoes, prepping the bird. Power Yoga at 9:15 (Barbara's traditional holiday class, bordering on transcendent). Then cooking and cleaning, we'll be eating around 2:00.


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