November 22, 2007

I'm Not There

Caught the new Dylan biopic this evening at Cinema City. Whoa! What an incredible movie. The concept is stellar, the cinematography added a dimension, the performances (ESPECIALLY Cate Blanchett as Dylan doppelganger Jude Quinn) were wonderful. It was just a delightful movie - one that had me smiling throughout, chuckling at the art of it, the inside jokes I caught (I am sure there were many I missed).

The concept of the movie would have worked for just about any artist or celebrity who has grown through phases, but with Dylan it just explodes. Go see it, seriously. It's a good'n.

Now, I've never been a huge Dylan fan. I mean, I own all the greatest hits discs, and a few of his original works, I've come to know his songs through several decades of hanging out on the fringes of singer-songwriter land. But I'm too young to remember the Dylan goes electric scandal, and I came to folk music backwards - by tracking rock artists back to their influences and roots. So although I started playing acoustic guitar, it was mostly church music for the first few years, and I picked up an electric guitar in high school and a bass in college. It was not until I was closing in on 30 that I found myself standing in front of a microphone with a guitar a la Mr. Zimmerman.

But Dylan has been there, all along. How could he not - so many of his songs were mandatory as first recorded, and so many more took on new life at the hands of other artists. So even if I am not schooled in Dylan mythology, I know enough. The movie went to where I was, grabbed my hand, and sucked me in.

Now to go do some Dylan web surfing, and maybe throw some Dylan into my MP3 player for mt trip to Chicago.....

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