November 13, 2007

Voting in Hartford

Bill Curry had a great (by which I mean to say, depressing) piece about the Hartford mayoral race and voting trends, in Sunday's Hartford Courant. Some bullets:

* Spending $600,000 to garner 6,453 votes, Mayor Perez spent about $93 per vote. By comparison, Ned Lamont spent $44 per vote in his then record-breaking run for the Senate.

* More votes were cast for the winning mayoral candidate in Torrington (population 36,000, less than 1/3 of Hartford's population)

* More Hartford residents are likely to get arrested this year (~16,000) than voted (~14,000)

Stuff like this reinforces my occasional opinion that a benevolent dictatorship might be a preferred form of government to a democracy. Some people seem to have abandoned ownership and responsibility for their goveernment. And I'd almost support a law that forced a governor-appointed mayor if the percentage of the population that voted was not above some minimum.

Like I said, depressing....

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